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Postby Luv2skyski on Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:34 am

After fumbling my way through building my first set of cornhole boards I stumbled across this website looking for advice and instruction. I joined just over 2 years ago and it’s incredible the amount I’ve learned from this forum. I’ve only built one set of boards (the Milky way) in that time but still planning on building more.

I do realize I got to the party late but it’s sad that CGP seems to be going by the wayside.
It’s been a solid month and no one has made a post.

I guess just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who has posted their thoughts and feelings, their processes and pictures of their boards, their instruction and techniques.

Sincerely, Dave.
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Re: R.I.P. CGP…

Postby pharaoh on Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:31 am

I made the same observation about a year and a half ago in July 2015. Back then my thought was that cornhole had reached it's peak in many areas, and, as the fad it is, was in decline to some extent. While it is still a popular pastime for many, there doesn't seem to be the same call for new boards and bags that there was a couple of years ago. This past year I had exactly zero orders for boards during the Christmas season and zero orders for bags. Last summer was very slow compared to previous years as well.

I suspect that this coming year may be a repeat of the last. I'll have to make a decision in the coming months regarding my website and whether or not to renew the domain name and keep the website active. It's not an expense I want to have if there isn't the business to justify the cost especially since I want to build a website to sell the cutting boards and pepper and salt mills that I make. Even not having a website for them, my sales are doing well through the arts/crafts shows and markets I participate in. I'd much rather devote my time time turning peppermills than making cornhole boards.

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Re: R.I.P. CGP…

Postby chevellesb406 on Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:50 am

I am still busy building out in So Cal, but there isn't exactly market saturation out here, a majority of people still are not aware of the game really, however, I am starting to ship further and further as my radius of say 50 miles is saturated by my past 7 years of building or so, all the low hanging fruit is gone. I really miss seeing what everyone was up to, but I understand the reluctance to post photos, I don't really want to myself, I don't feel like paying for the rope to hang me with, but what I do say as I post whenever anyone really does anymore, is I am always willing to help with a bit of advice if I can be, I am not the expert here, Pharaoh has helped me a ton in the past, Smash and Milky as well, but a couple hundred sets under my belt so newbies please don't hesitate to ask, sometimes a simple tip can make a major problem go away, I lucky to receive several over the years. I hope everyone is doing well and take care.

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