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Everything You Need To Play Cornhole

Looking to build your own set? Confused on a rule? Need some competition? Check out our Cornhole Forum! If someone hasn’t already posted what you are looking for, ask a question. We have a great community, full of really helpful players who are glad to help out anyone who is new to the game.

In the forums, you can get great building tips, find discussions on what rules everyone else is using, get painting and design ideas, read discussion on different playing techniques, and there is even a section to help you find a tournament in your area! Let’s play some Cornhole!

For highlights of some of the best cornhole information on around, check out our Cornhole Blog!

Want to Build Boards?

The most active section of the forum is for Cornhole Builders. You can find basic Cornhole instructions and designs for the ‘do-it-yourself’ board builders, or ask questions to help you build your own boards. If you want to know how to build cornhole boards, this is the place!

Want to know how to build Cornhole boards? Need Cornhole designs? We have FREE instructions to download on our Building page. Several sets of cornhole board designs to give you the best directions for building Cornhole! Looking to sew your own Cornhole Bags? We’ve got infomation for that too!

If you’re looking for Cornhole rules, check out our rules page. In need of some basic tournament brackets? Check out our 8, 16, and 24 player double elimination Cornhole brackets.

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